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Fulfilment of client brief

The Small Things was a project undertaken by Aeon Studio (as part of the UTS Visual Communications subject 'Socially Responsive Design') for disability service provider Northcott. The brief challenged us to create a new and revolutionary way to share information within supported accomodation housing, as their previous system was cluttered and confusing.


Ultimately, they wanted to empower personal interactions between residents and staff in supported accommodation housing by encouraging staff to slow down and appreciate personal moments of interaction with residents. 

So, we created a revolutionary centralised scheduling board. Each section of the home is categorised by a colour and symbol, which is built across the board in blocks for each resident. The length of each block represents the time planned in that space. The height of the block, made up of different materials, represents how much that resident enjoys it. Often, residents associate a specific material with certain spaces, which helps to reassure them and acts as a sensory indicator (e.g: feeling the sheepskin of a car seat lets them know they are travelling). 

The schedule comes together as a living and breathing entity that embodies the personality of residents and empowers their relationship with staff. 

Course: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (UTS)
Subject: Socially Responsive Design 
Client: Northcott Disability Services
Team: Oscar Fielke, Nick Mooney, Alipta Nayak, Emily Savage, Leona Lyu

Other work

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