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I believe that as designers we have the tools to initiate real change – I strive to ignite that change through experience.


I am a multidisciplinary designer and I am passionate about designing for impact, not just for aesthetic. I design because I love creating experiences that influence the way people think and act and I believe that as designers we have the unique ability to turn that influence into tangible positive change. 

I have been studying a double degree at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, where I have developed my technical design practice, and a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation or BCII, where I have learned the power of transdisciplinary collaboration and design thinking. In design, I am most passionate about digital experience, motion design, spatial design, branding identity and UX/UI.

I have run my own freelance design business for more than three years, and also worked as a design consultant at Investorlink Direct for more than a year, spearheading the production of revitalised brand identities for Investorlink and its subsidiaries. As well as this, I have completed internships within the chocolate innovation team for KitKat at Nestle Australia, the creative advertising agency Six Black Pens and branding studio ET Collective.

Not only am I passionate about the technical practice of design, but I am a creative thinker and relish breaking down deeply complex problems – through the BCII course I have worked with real industry partners such as Mastercard, Atlassian and The NSW Board of Education. During the final year of the course, I worked with UNICEF Australia for 9 months to create and envision the initiative U-Speak, aimed at driving impact through elevating the critically important voices of young Australians to policy makers. This initiative will be utilised by UNICEF at the World Youth Summit in July of 2022. 

Having finished my double degree at the end of 2021, I have brought my passion for impact through design into the real world, joining the Experiential Design team at Deloitte Digital in Sydney to re-imagine how people work, live, play, learn and connect through human experience.


Experiential Design Analyst

Deloitte Digital (March 2022 – present)


Freelance Designer

Fielke Co (July 2018 – present)

Design Consultant 

Investorlink Direct (July 2020 – November 2021)

Industry Innovation Partner 

UNICEF Australia (March – November 2021)

Chocolate Innovation Intern 

Nestle Australia, KitKat (June – August 2021)

Creative Intern 

Six Black Pens (January – March 2021)

Design Intern 

ET Collective (January – March 2021)


Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation (BCII)

University of Technology Sydney (2018 – 2021)

Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication 

University of Technology Sydney (2018 – 2020)

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