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Land and identity exploration

Indigenous practice exploration

Motion design


Mark making

As part of the VisCom Emergent Practices subject, I was tasked with presenting 'My Backyard', which involved an in-depth exploration of the Indigenous history of the land on which I live, how I relate personally to this land and how understanding Indigenous perspectives, practices and methodologies can revolutionise how I interact with the world around me. The project required me to harness this research and reflection to produce a video which showcases how I understand and relate to my backyard. 

Living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I reflected on my place in Ku-ring-gai Country and the practices of its traditional owners, the Garigal People. Through a twelve week process of research and reflection – including; in-depth discussion with Indigenous Elders, exploratory mark making, photography, sketching, world-watching and Indigenous learning principles – I came to revolve my exploration on the key Indigenous research principles of Respect (reverence), Reciprocity, Responsibility and Holism (synergy). Through understanding these principles, I reflected on my place on the land and symbolised my understanding of it through the symbol of a circle – the metaphor for interconnectedness of nature, the non-linear nature of Indigenous practice and the notion of qualitative research.

Course: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (UTS)
Subject: Emergent Practices


Other work

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