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As part of the Innovation Internship B BCII subject, I undertook an internship within the Confectionary Brand Team at Nestle Australia. As a Chocolate Innovation Intern, I worked primarily within the team to ideate ambitious product pipelines for KitKat. This involved researching the confectionary market environment and taking part in collaborative blue-sky innovation sessions to conceptualise potential new KitKat flavours, brand partnerships, holiday product launches and revamped packaging design. After my internship, I was tasked with representing the journey of my internship through storytelling, by; breaking down my creative process, representing how well I achieved my personal goals and ideating a value proposition which represents my unique impact to future employers.


In response to this project, I decided to design and create my very own KitKat flavour that represents the innovation journey of my internship. Having soaked much of the process behind creating a new KitKat flavour, I used my learnings to frame my project as an infographic which breaks down how KitKat Kreative came to be. This involved mapping out my journey through double diamond mapping, analysing how well I achieved my personal learning goals heading into the internship, and then breaking down the unique value I bring through my professional practice. The KitKat is broken down, with each element represent a different aspect of my value as a transdisciplinary practitioner

Product design

Blue-sky ideation

Learning and experience reflection

Innovation journey mapping

Company: Nestle Australia
Team: Confectionary Brand Team (KitKat)
Role: Chocolate Innovation Intern

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Other work

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