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User experience (UX)

User interaction (UI)

Motion design

Sensory connectivity

Social mapping

As part of the Design Practice VisCom subject, I was tasked with creating an app that empowers social connectivity through a digital medium. With an open brief, I was driven by the inspiration of creating real change during the difficult period of COVID isolation. So, I created Closer to simulate moments of genuine human connection between couples who are apart.

With rising rates of mental illness and partner separation as a result of the COVID crisis, Closer is an app that simulates feelings of presence to encourage connectivity. Long distance couples can really feel each other; a scribble, a heartbeat, a whisper – low fidelity flickering moments of connection, the kind of incidental moments of intimacy that you feel in the presence of your partner. The identity of the app reflects its functionality – a bright glow that represents the warmth of being with your partner 

Course: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (UTS)
Subject: Design Practice


Other work

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