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As part of the Pre-Press and Print Production VisCom elective, I was tasked with an open brief that required me to design and package a brand of any dried food product. Sustainability was of prime importance in the packaging of the product. I created Brew. 

Brew is a contemporary Australian brand of tea with the aim of bringing new and unique flavours of tea to the market. Brew is a subscription-based tea brand. At the beginning of your subscription, you receive the outer reusable box which acts as a modem to store all your Brew tea. This box can hold up to 30 flavours of tea, meaning that if you have not finished your tea yet from the previous months, you can store it for later. 

Every 3 months you receive a new set of 4 unique flavours, which change throughout the year based on what the brew masters have created or what has been popular. The new set of flavours replace the used up older flavours within the original outer box, acting as an evolving “tea kit” that changes throughout the year. The first set of tea includes four unique flavours; Oolong Orange, Lavender Grey, Mint Mix and Blue Butterfly. 

Course: Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (UTS)
Subject: Pre Press and Print Production


Other work

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