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As part of my internship with creative agency Six Black Pens, I was able to take part in a complex digital advertising brief they were working on for superannuation provider Hostplus. The brief challenged us to create a digital advertising campaign promoting Hostplus and how its use of index balancing makes it stand out amongst other super funds. 


As a deeply complex brief, the campaign was striving for a simple solution that is able to draw in new members through a catchy tagline and strong symbolic visuals that align with the current Hosplus branding. Although SBP ending up running with a different campaign, I was able to fully explore and flesh out the brief under the guidance of Creative Group Head Brad Stevens. 


Motion design


Agency learning

Digital marketing

Campaign development

Concept refinment

On the surface, superannuation is a fairly dry industry, making advertising of integral importance in bringing new members in. Thus, simplifying the brief to a single core message was the best way to make the message stick. 

I focused on the notion of searching for the best super out there – "the search is over" – and used the yellow square in the Hosplus brand as a primary motif to drive the idea. I split the Hostplus brand up into a number of key benefits which it provides its members; security, knowledge, management and performance and designed a set of icons using the yellow square that convey the benefit. These icons are then combined with the motif of binocular goggles, which I used to create a set of animated assets which convey the notion of "searching" for the best super out there. As the campaign is explored through a digital medium, I made motion design the key driver of the campaign – allowing the viewer to search for the yellow square as if they are looking through a set of binoculars themselves. 

As part of the project, I also worked to refine the Hostplus brand identity to better support the campaign. I refined the logo to better exemplify the plus symbol and yellow square and also explored how the yellow square can be used as a driving symbol throughout the brand.

Agency: Six Black Pens 
Client: Hostplus
Role: Creative Intern

Other work

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